“Tower Ruins” has a stately classical feeling, telling the story of what went on within its walls as well as its surroundings, ending with a long, echo-y fade-out. “Dirge” is my favorite track. Very dark and slow with a powerful emotional impact, you can almost see mourners walking behind a horse-driven cart carrying a draped casket. The gently soothing “Deep Breath” provides something of a mind massage and a sweet reminder to take a moment when life becomes too much. ”

Album Review by Kathy Parsons

An intimate and soulful, inspiring/energizing and rhythmically varied journey...”

Album Review by Jonathan Widran

While some tunes, like the haunting, meditative “Dirge” and gently hopeful “Morning Prayer,” are solemn reflections, others like the lilting sunrise-filled opener “Awakening” the empowering, sparkling dance “Rushing Water” and dynamic, fast and purposefully rolling “Momentum” are bursting with the exuberance and joy of life. ”

Album Review by Jonathan Widran

The track is vivid, enigmatic, and cosmic. With it’s melodic runs and dynamic chords, "Rushing Water" encapsulates it’s title and moves you.”

Shalee Gherbaz; ohmyplaylist.com

Carried on arpeggios interchanging with a melody, as well as being dynamically rich, Rushing Water is a perfect representation of water in motion, in this case most likely - a powerful downstream river. ”

Music Dances When You Sleep

I particularly enjoy how "Momentum" feels like it’s building upward. It reminds me of construction in layers, like bricklaying, where there is a sense of progress as you build in a given direction. It’s complex and rewarding; give it a spin. Piano players will be “wowed” by this one.”

Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground Music

Written around a classical/cinematic core, ''Momentum'' is a piano piece that embodies its title in every aspect and beyond. Taking off on a running melody written in a four-count played over a three-count chord progression, the composition creates exactly that - a momentum.”

Music Dances When You Sleep

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